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Tip: Spring is the time to start taking inventory and stocking up.


  • ■ Plant pansies and hardy annuals for early color
  • ■ Prune roses before the buds break


  • ■ Keep ahead of the weeds
  • ■ Sharpen tools
  • ■ Test and amend your soil
  • ■ Prune flowering shrubs when they finish blooming


  • ■ Deadhead bulbs; leave foliage until it yellows
  • ■ Fertilize
  • ■ Plant trees, and shrubs before summer heat


Tip: Summer is prime time for landscaping. Get that patio or pool started and enjoy it this season.


  • ■ Pinch back fall bloomers
  • ■ Prune evergreens as new growth darkens
  • ■ Watch for bug damage and Japanese Beetles


  • ■ Keep lawns at about 3″ to protect from heat
  • ■ Shear back spent annuals by 1/3
  • ■ Do a final pinching of fall bloomers


  • ■ Add mulch as needed
  • ■ Remove any diseased foliage so it doesn’t get lost in fall leaves
  • ■ Divide perennials, like bearded iris


Tip: Fall is the best time to start a pool or patio. Get end-of-season pricing AND avoid messy excavation or sitting on a waiting list next spring.


  • ■ Stop pruning and fertilizing
  • ■ Start fall clean-up and cut back
  • ■ Watch for frost and cover tender plants


  • ■ Plant trees and shrubs
  • ■ Clear away dead foliage.
  • ■ Apply a de-icer to birdbaths and fountains to keep from cracking


  • ■ Protect roses by mounding soil around the crown and covering the bud union
  • ■ Protect evergreens from deer damage with burlap


Tip: Winter is the time to get a jump start on landscape plans. We’ll get your dream project designed and ready to go as soon as the ground thaws.


  • ■ Spray evergreens with anti-desiccant, to prevent dehydration
  • ■ Use the branches from your Christmas tree as protective mulch


  • ■ Start your Landscape Wish List
  • ■ Check plants for heaving
  • ■ Take a gardening class for inspiration


  • ■ Check plants and trees for animal damage
  • ■ Rejuvenate holly bushes with a hard pruning
  • ■ Check evergreens for signs of desiccation

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